Design and Function Flexible Pipe Connections

Flexible pipe connections like expansion joints and hoses are designed to compensate axial, angular and lateral deviations of the pipe geometry due to e.g. assembly misalignments. Furthermore they are installed to absorb vibrations and noises, they serve to compensate expansions caused by variations of temperature and they are easily to remove when revising the pipeline. Hence they are indispensable in pipeline construction.  
Main Applications:
  • pipes
  • pressure work pipes
  • flue gas and air ducts
  • Damping devices in machines, measurement devices, engines, pumps and instruments
Types of flexible connections:
Rubber Expansion Joint
Stainless Steel Expansion Joints
Flexible Hoses
  • motion compensation
  • damp vibration, oscillation and noise 
  • compensate expansion caused by differences in temperature
  • tension reduction
  • compensate ground and foundation settling
  • compensate imprecise assembly
  • serve as assembly and disassembly aids
  • provide an elastic wall seal for penetration assemblies
  • compensate pipeline movements aboard ships