Stainless Steel Hoses SE

Stainless steel hoses of type SE with DVGW approval have a large number of industrial applications, in which high demands are made on the absorption of movement,  vibrations and misalignment. The advantage of stainless steel is great capacity to withstand temperature from -270 to +600 °C. Moreover, they are completely diffusion free and not subject to aging. These specific qualities make this product into one of the most operationally safe flexible connectors.

Stainless Steel Hoses SE
Inquiry Sheet
  • versatility in use
  • high level of flexibility because hoses can be delivered in any desired length
  • compensation of misalignment
  • long service life
  • temperature-resistant
  • vacuum-tight
  • corrosion-resistant
  • flexible
  • maintenance-free
  • economic
  • suitable for conveying all types of liquids and gases 
  • temperature range of -270°C to 600°C