Mono-in-Line Strainer

Mono-In-Line Strainers (Mono Basket Strainer) offer a larger filtration area than similar strainers on the market, ensuring minimal pressure loss, improved flow-rates and greater dirt holding capacity, leading on longer service / maintenance intervals.
The Mono-In-Line Strainer consists of a cast housing with opposite connecting flanges arranged at the same level. Between these connections is the basket strainer with carrying strap located. The filter insert consists of a perforated plate, alternatively covered with cloths having different mesh widths. The medium to be filtered will enter the filter from above and flows through the insert from the inside to the outside. Hence, the contaminations will remain within the strainer insert.



  • efficient and reasonable strainer
  • permanent filtration of the medium
  • larger filtration area
  • less pressure loss
  • longer intervals between the cleaning
  • no disassemble of the filter housing for cleaning is necessary
  • short filter allowance by strainer with quick release closure
  • simple handling / basket cleaning
  • low-maintenance
  • reusable elements
  • contamination level indicator (optional)

Mono-in-Line Strainer with Filterbag

The proven single-basket filter technology is equipped with filter bags in order to achieve filter fineness of 5 µm, 10 µm or 25 µm. This means that even its small particles can be filtered out of the medium. These can be used for gases and liquids. The exchangeable filter bags made of polypropylene are fastened in a special basket and can be used from -10 ° C to + 95 ° C.


Details to the Mono-In-Line Strainer like installation length and available materials in those pressure rates:

General information to the Mon-In-Line Strainer:
Mono-In-Line Strainer
Mesh Aperture Size
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  • All the advantages of the single basket filter

  • Very fine filtration of 5 µm, 10 µm or 25 µm

  • Interchangeable filter bag

  • Can be used from -5 ° C to + 95 ° C


Strainer Types for Industrial Applications

Y Type Strainer in PN16

The cost-effective strainer in PN16 from stock

Y-Type Strainer ANSI, PN25, PN40

Y-Type Strainer with a large filter area is requested

Y-Type Strainer Screwed

The Y-Type Strainer for pressure up to 136 bar

Y-Type Strainer Socket Weld

High pressure up to 136 bar available

Mono-In-Line Strainer

For a tool-free and comfortable basket cleaning


If interruption-free plant operation is important!

T-Type Strainer

Short build in length (butt weld) and flanges available

Temporary Strainer

For the temporary use while start up and commissioning

Stainless Steel Strainer

Stainless Steel Strainer