Hand Operating Branch

The Hand Operating Branch with multiport throttle is fitted at the casing below the cone seat and serves to pass off the minimum flow via a hand-operated valve combination. We recommend the branch for protection of the internal bypass parts at extreme operating conditions, e.g. at high differential pressures and frequent operation in the range of bypass flow as well as for filling and start-up of the plant.
  • spares the bypass regulation parts during start-up of the plant
  • for filling up the process equipment
  • withdrawal of media for secondary processes


The Start-Up-Trim SUT substitutes the bypass regulation parts during cleaning and start-up of plants. A flow is forwarded over the bypass pipe permanently and therefore it spares the sophisticated regulating parts. The optional Start-Up-Trim is also usable instead of the hand operating branch.
  • spares the bypass regulation parts during start-up of the plant
  • inexpensive accessory for start-up of the plant
  • without additional start-up pipe

Warm-Up or Cool-Down Branch

With the Warm-Up or Cool-Down Branch idle or spare pumps can be kept to the operating temperature. Hereby a defined flow rate will be pumped from the running pump via the Warm-Up or Cool-Down branch through the idle or spare pump to retain it on operating temperature.
  • warming up or cooling down of idle or spare pumps to operating temperature

Pressure Gauge Branch

The Pressure Gauge Branch is used to measure the pressure near the discharge branch of the pump.
  • pressure measurement near the pump discharge branch

Draining Branch

With the Draining Branch the pipe above the integrated non-return-function of the Automatic Recirculation Check Valve can be drained before demounting.
  • draining of the pipe above the integrated non-return valve

Pressure Device SDV

The Pressure Device SDV avoids cavitations and flashing in piping. The function corresponds to a variable throttle which adjusts oneself to the flow rate to create a constant back pressure in the pipe.
  • avoids cavitations and flashing in pipes

Damping Valve SRV

The Damping Valve SRV has to be mounted direct to the outlet branch of the ARC SSV, SMV or SMA. It will be applied to absorb pressure shocks during recurrent on/off operation e.g. for descaling facilities at steel mills.
  • absorbs pressure chocks in pipe systems