Y-Type Strainer with Flanges PN16

If you search for a relaible strainer with flanges for permanent filtration of liquid, steam and gases which should be economical as well this y-type strainer is a very good option. An additional plus is the standadized lenght acc. to DIN EN 558 and the very attractive price-performance ratio. The basket is easy to clean and the strainer can remain in the pipe. The y-strainer could be depressurizing through the venting or draining devices and helps this way to open the strainer easily. Y-strainer can be installed both in the horizontal and vertical positions without any effect on the performance.
In carbon steel as well as in stainless steel this strainer in PN16 has very short term delivery in common filter finess. And if you need material or pressure test certificates we can offer this optionally.
Mesh on stock:
Mesh - Filterfiness
10 - 2,0 mm
12 - 1,5 mm
20 - 894 µm
30 - 572 µm
40 - 401 µm
50 - 315 µm
60 - 251 µm
80 - 185 µm
100 - 152 µm
150 - 98 µm
300 - 50 µm

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Details to the y-type strainers with flanges like installation length and available materials:General information to y-type strainer with flanges:
Y-Type Strainer
All Mesh Aperture Sizes
Inquiry Sheet Strainer


  • reasonable strainer
  • standard fineness available from stock
  • permanent filtration of the medium
  • suitable for mounting in horizontal and vertical pipelines
  • no disassemble of the filter housing for cleaning is necessary
  • simple handling / basket cleansing
  • low-maintenance
  • reusable elements
  • contamination level indicator (optional)

Strainer Types for Industrial Applications

Y Type Strainer in PN16

The cost-effective strainer in PN16 from stock

Y-Type Strainer ANSI, PN25, PN40

Y-Type Strainer with a large filter area is requested

Y-Type Strainer Screwed

The Y-Type Strainer for pressure up to 136 bar

Y-Type Strainer Socket Weld

High pressure up to 136 bar available

Mono-In-Line Strainer

For a tool-free and comfortable basket cleaning


If interruption-free plant operation is important!

T-Type Strainer

Short build in length (butt weld) and flanges available

Temporary Strainer

For the temporary use while start up and commissioning

Stainless Steel Strainer

Stainless Steel Strainer