Design and Function Strainer

The strainers and filtrations are designed for the efficient removal and retention of solid/foreign material from flowing liquids and gases. It provides the ultimate in protection to vital process equipment, both in simple and in the very increasing sophistication of process plant systems. Their operational areas are to protect:
  • pumps and compressors
  • flow meters
  • valves and regulator
  • heat exchangers and refrigerating sets
  • steam traps
  • instrumentations and ancillary piping items

Strainer Types for Industrial Applications

Y Type Strainer in PN16

The cost-effective strainer in PN16 from stock

Y-Type Strainer ANSI, PN25, PN40

Y-Type Strainer with a large filter area is requested

Y-Type Strainer Screwed

The Y-Type Strainer for pressure up to 136 bar

Y-Type Strainer Socket Weld

High pressure up to 136 bar available

Mono-In-Line Strainer

For a tool-free and comfortable basket cleaning


If interruption-free plant operation is important!

T-Type Strainer

Short build in length (butt weld) and flanges available

Temporary Strainer

For the temporary use while start up and commissioning

Stainless Steel Strainer

Stainless Steel Strainer